How to Pack Food and Dishware in a Caravan

If you have been thinking of buying a caravan, there are a number of things to consider besides the amenities and furnishings. You also need to think about how to store food in the vehicle when taking a road trip. After all, anything that is not shut inside a cabinet or weighted down may fall, slide, or roll in the caravan. Therefore, it is important to pack any edibles in cartons and baskets instead of using flimsy bags. Make sure you wedge containers into areas where they won’t get loose during a turn, hairpin or otherwise.


What to Pack for Dishware

Naturally, you want to avoid packing breakables if at all possible, Heavy dishware or drinking glasses simply are not practical choices for caravan living. Glasses, for instance, can topple from high cabinets or slide out of soapy hands when they are being cleaned. Instead, make sure to select affordable patio-style bowls and plates, and tumblers that are non-breakable and lightweight.

Also, make sure you do not pack any high-risk perishables during a road trip, such as raw meat. Foods such as yogurt, eggs, or cheese are fine as long as you eat them right away. If you are looking at caravans for sale in Brisbane, you need to view the kitchen designs. Take an inventory in your mind of the provisions to include whilst travelling.

Favourite Provisions

Favourite provisions of caravan travellers often include such foods as canned tuna, taco shells, bread, peanut butter and jelly, couscous, tomato sauce, olive oil, cereal, oatmeal, salami, avocados, tea, and coffee. You also don’t want to forget the ingredients for s’mores such as graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.

Don’t Pack Bottles of Spices

When travelling by caravan as well, you want to avoid packing individual bottles of spices or seasonings. It is better to pack packets instead. You also want to be careful about packing foods that must be boiled in a large pot, such as pasta.

Not only does boiling take up quite a bit of fuel but the heat that is generated can make the space uncomfortable on warmer nights. For this reason, you need to add prepared foods such as tacos to your inventory. If you boil eggs, turn off the heat as soon as they come to a boil. In the warmer times of the year, it is better to prepare foods that have a short cooking time.

You also want to open up the room in your caravan for local food finds. For example, if you stop at an orchard or u-pick farm, make sure you have some extra room in which to store the vegetables or fruits.

Getting Accustomed to the Caravan Lifestyle

Needless to say, packing a caravan with food can be done easily once you get accustomed to travelling on the road. However, it does not hurt to know some packing pointers in the meantime. Whilst a caravan kitchen is a homey place to cook and congregate, it does not offer the same type of space as your kitchen at home.

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